Thank you so much for the letter you prepared. Equifax deleted the account which raised my score 22 points. I'm really close to my targeted mark. Continue reading
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Pittsburgh, PA

Things worked out my first go around. On my Experian credit report, 8 items were deleted in 30 days!  Good stuff!  My score went up 30 points in a month! Continue reading
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Leesburg, VA

This process is stressful, and the corruption of the system is a lot to deal with. We are so thankful for the knowledge you have provided us and for always coming up with new strategies Continue reading
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R and MH


You guys must be doing something right as my credit score is at 598, fair instead of very poor!  Thank you so much. Continue reading
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Vancouver, WA

This process can be frustrating at times, but I have to say I'm extremely impressed at this point. I feel like we're in the home stretch!! Thanks everyone for all your hard work so far. Let's just bring it home! Continue reading
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Baltimore, MD

Our family wants to thank you for all the hard work, support, patience, knowledge and gifts! You are all a blessing and a great team! Thank you. Continue reading
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Chula Vista, CA