Now I am debt free with a house that has no mortgage! Incredible what a year makes and more incredible is your knowledge, support and education! Thank you dearly. Continue reading
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David and Estelle P.

Oxen Hill, MD

I am happy that you helped me rid over $45K in credit card debt and my rental for $225K. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! THIS IS REAL FREEDOM! Continue reading
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Sterling H.

Woodbridge, VA

Thanks for making Tina and I believers! Wow! We stopped the sale of our house with one of your processes. I am so glad I had the faith in your program. Continue reading
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Greg and Tina W.

Fairfax, VA

Thank you for working with me. I am so lucky to find your program. I don’t know what I would do if I did not find the God sent help you provided me and my family. Continue reading
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Patricia S.

Easton, MA

Your responses when I called you along with your back office support is the best of all time. I wish I found you before I wasted time with other options and companies! Continue reading
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Larry and Charlotte T.

Your service was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning. My family is so grateful for your service. Thank you! Continue reading
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Howard B.

One thing to say is that the in-depth analysis you have done is truly remarkable. Who goes that extra mile these days? Well done!! Thank you!!! Continue reading
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Provo, UT

Thank you Barbara and the same to the staff of Peace of Mind. We now have peace because of you all. Thanks!!! Continue reading
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Joyce T.

I want to thank the team for helping me get out of so much debt! It was a very overwhelming time but you all stuck by me, you held my hand, you educated me and basically, I'm now debt free. Continue reading
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D. Colbert

Washington, D.C

They supply you with the information you need and the forms. I followed their directions and did my part. And I got the results that I wanted! Continue reading
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S. Harris