Does that sound incredible to you? That you could actually eliminate credit card debts and never make another payment? More than a few of the people who have come to us for help have felt that way, too:

S. Harris - Austraila

“Your team is incredible, you help stop the foreclosure on my house and even help me release my mortgage. I am forever grateful! Thanks.” Paul T., Portland, OR

“Thank you, I really really believe in your company... it's been a hard month with Ray's surgery he almost died and it's just been really a hard year for me with my mom having cancer and a few deaths... sometimes I feel like omg is this my life... so thank you for understanding all of this....I trying to get on top of everything it has gotten on top of me unfortunately.... thanks again for saving my house and RELEASING ALL OF MY DEBTS!”    Sandra P., Sparks, NV

“I am so thankful you helped me with those fraudster banks. I can't believe you were able to help me stop the foreclosure on my house AND release the mortgage on my house on #657. I can't wait to release the mortgages on the other 3 houses I own. Awesome!”   Mark S., St. Petersburg, FL

"When I called you about debt termination, the very idea sounded pretty crazy. But, I'd about run out of options, so I decided to go for it. Why not eliminate credit card debt? Sure does feel good to have $1.2 M of debt off my back! Thanks!"   Steve M., Ellicott City, Maryland

“I ran my credit Tuesday and the finally zero'd out the PFCU ELOC account for $10,500. That his history! They were fighting me for that money too. The $24,500 credit card is gone too! more bad consumer debt that I will have to fight! Just 2 years ago, I was talking to you about bankruptcy. You saw all of those bad debts I had from the divorce. Not including the PFCU credit card, I have gotten rid of at least 50k in bad debt and my credit is back in the 600's in 2 years. My credit has gone from from "very poor" to "fair". And just recently, that 'fair' credit allowed me to get a new car! It is going to continue getting better! Being single, you have no one that will mess up your finances. Thanks for everything!”   Delaney C., Alexandria, VA

D. Colbert - Washington, D.C

“Thank you for working with me. I am so lucky to find your program. I don't know what I would do if I did not find the God sent help you provided me and my family.”   Patricia S., Easton, MA

“Thanks for making Tina and I a believer! Wow! We stopped the sale of our house with one of your processes. Now they have to validate the debt like you told us. I am so glad I had the faith in your program. It was really scary to make the decision and I am so glad we are IN! THE DEBTS WILL BE HISTORY AND I LOOK TO DO CHARITY WORK WITH ALL MY FREE TIME! This is a dream come true!”   Greg and Tina W., Fairfax, VA

“We have been thru so much lately and being able to stay in our house is the biggest gift we can have. It is really hard to believe all this can be possible, however the facts, statutes, codes and Supreme Court cases don't lie so we are happy we stuck with your program to get our house FREE and CLEAR! Thanks again!” Yvonne H., Capital Heights, MD

“It was going to be embarrassing, and humiliating. After working with you I eliminated over $65,000 of credit card debt and over $920,000 of secured debt. You helped me understand the TRUTH about our banking system and the fraud. Your support was incredible. Thank You.”   Clair E., Springfield, VA

“I have reviewed the document you sent and have made notes of corrections where I found them. I have also reviewed for understanding as you requested. I don't understand most of the legalese language...which I'm having faith in your organization to carry...however I do get the overall idea of what you are saying and am getting a grasp of the violations which these banks have been getting away with....makes me angry when I realize what they are up to...I am glad I am able to do something about the Fraud the Banks are committing against me and against the average person. I am happy that you helped me rid over $45K in Credit Card debt and my rental for $225K. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! THIS IS REAL FREEDOM!”   Sterling H., Woodbridge, VA

“Thanks again for all this..and I know the best comes out of all the reading and work you put into this to help me and my family. I am exciting about my future debt free life! No more credit card debts and NO MORE MORTGAGE! I am a free man! Free from debt slavery!”   Jorge V, Woodbridge, VA

“The BK attorney, Wayne Boyack and his paralegal, Kay, are extremely excited about asking the banks for proof of the deed and the accounting! They absolutely love it because if it works, the potential is huge for all their will be a domino effect....Sweet! Thanks for teaching my local attorney about the 1%, which is the thing that 99% of other attorneys do not know about! I never thought I would be looking forward to the BK process. ;-)”   Mark L., Seattle, WA

“It is so nice to be able to get $1200 in cash flow each month from my rental! Over a year ago, I was going to give the house away thru a short sale or foreclosure and now I am debt free with a house that has no mortgage! Incredible what a year makes and more incredible is your knowledge, support and education! Thank you dearly.”   David and Estelle P., Oxen Hill, MD

"This book provides the reader with a thorough presentation of the opaque nature of banking, debt restructuring and credit reporting industries.  I became more educated with the entire monetary system and unfortunately became cynical on how it's stacked against the average person.  Most importantly, the book has several lesser known but effective strategies on how to eliminate credit card debt. I have applied these and am slowly getting out of the whole trap of revolving high interest charges on my Visa and Mastercard."  Douglas G.

Ernie S.

“Danny A sincere thanks to you for all of your help. I really do appreciate your work on behalf of my family. Merry Christmas.” Greg “THANK YOU BARBARA AND THE SAME TO STAFF OF PEACE OF MIND. WE HAVE PEACE BECAUSE OF YOU ALL THANKS!!! ” Joyce T. "Man I love your service and it is so fabulous and I am gonna refer you to contacts I know who can benefit from it. One thing to say is that the In depth analysis you have done is truly remarkable. Who goes that extra mile these days? Well Done!! Thank you !!!" Cameron D. Provo, UT

‘Your service was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning. My family is so grateful for your service.  Thank you!’   Howard B.

‘Your responses when I called you along with your back office support is the best of all time! Awesome customer service, I wish I found you before I wasted time with other options and companies.  But then again, there’s no company like yours because I can now see the difference. WOW!  I am very impressed!  Thanks.   Larry and Charlotte T.

‘This process you have for my mortgage knocked my socks off, you really have it together. I also appreciate the confidence you give me every time we talk, it’s a jolt of high energy and positive mental fortitude! Thank you.’   Ray K.

‘You have a great program and I went through one like yours about 15 years ago. It saved me a lot of $$$ and I didn't have to go bankrupt.
The world needs more caring companies like yours out there..’   Bart W., Colorado