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What our members say  

  • If anyone needs asset protection, I will surely recommend Peace of Mind because the trust that you set up for my family is ten times better than the other one I paid for 4 years ago! You really showed me


    Lorton, VA

  • I’m so happy that my family signed up for your services. You not only help us get rid of all of our debts, you even helped us secure $230,000 of credit! Thank Peace of Mind!


    Los Angeles, CA

  • When I called you about debt termination, the very idea sounded pretty crazy. But I had about run out of options, so I decided to go for it. Why not eliminate credit card debt? It sure does feel good to have $1.2 million of debt off my back! Thanks!


    Ellicott City, MD

  • I love your service and it is so fabulous that I am going to refer you to contacts I know who can benefit from it. One thing to say is that the in-depth analysis you have done is truly remarkable. Who goes that extra mile these days? Well done!! Thank you!!!


    Provo, UT

  • Thank you for working with me. I am so lucky to find your program. I don’t know what I would do if I did not find


    Easton, MA

  • I am so grateful for your help. Within two weeks of working with you, I have already received a letter from the debt collection company stating my account with them


    Atlanta, GA

  • My mom and I are so grateful for you and your team's help!   We are so glad that we went with you even after 3 years of working with a local attorney.  Your


    Memphis, TN

  • Awesome customer service! We wish we had found you before we wasted time with other options and companies.  But then again, there’s no company like yours because

    LT & CT

    San Francisco, CA

  • Your service was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning. My family is so grateful for your service.  Thank you!


    Green Bay, WI

  • I am happy that you helped me get rid of over $45K in credit card debt. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! THIS IS REAL FREEDOM!


    Voodbridge, VA

  • After working with you I eliminated over $65,000 of credit card debt and over $920,000 of secured debt. You helped me


    Springfield, VA

  • “I do appreciate the time and most of all the confidence that you gave me in helping me with my debt.  With your help, I was able to settle a debt that was over $400K to just under $18K!!!! 


    Austin, TX

  • Thank you so much for the letter you prepared. Equifax deleted the account which raised my score 22 points. I'm really close to my targeted mark.


    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Things worked out my first go around. On my Experian credit report, 8 items were deleted in 30 days!  Good stuff!  My score went up 30 points in a month!


    Leesburg, VA

  • This process is stressful, and the corruption of the system is a lot to deal with. We are so thankful for the knowledge you have provided us and for always coming up with new strategies

    R and MH


  • You guys must be doing something right as my credit score is at 598, fair instead of very poor!  Thank you so much.


    Vancouver, WA

  • This process can be frustrating at times, but I have to say I'm extremely impressed at this point. I feel like we're in the home stretch!! Thanks everyone for all your hard work so far. Let's just bring it home!


    Baltimore, MD

  • Our family wants to thank you for all the hard work, support, patience, knowledge and gifts! You are all a blessing and a great team! Thank you.


    Chula Vista, CA