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“No Need to Master Special Skills or
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From: Rachel M. ( affiliate manager)
Re: A unique money making opportunity

Do you dream of working from home? How does earning money from the internet and spending no more than one hour a day on your business sound? If these are things you are looking for, then this is going to be the most exciting partnership offer you’ll ever read!

Here’s why: our professional legal advice company, MyDebtRelease (MDR), is recruiting sales reps to promote our products and we pay generously on each sale brought to us.

What does MDR do?

MDR provides debt solutions including education, debt management plans, debt reduction and elimination, and credit repair. We help consumers who are overburdened with debt avoid bankruptcy and get back on the path to financial security.

Debt is something many Americans face every day of their lives. It’s no fun dodging the bill collectors calls. It’s no fun living from paycheck to paycheck, either.

That’s why our highly effective online debt reduction solution is so easy to sell. Besides, we satisfy our clients and our track record of successful clients who have achieved financial security proves it.

Now it’s YOUR turn to get your share of this HUGE billion dollar industry!

Our easy-to-understand online marketing education will guide you from “zero to hero”, so to speak. Additionally, phone and e-mail support are provided to answer all the questions our sales reps may have.

And it does NOT matter what background you possess. It doesn’t matter if you’re a…

College dropout
Work-at-home Mom
Complete tech-novice
Or just wanting to escape the corporate grind

YOU will succeed online if you are ready to complete our training and become a graduate of our monthly “MDR Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp!” Not everybody will have the chance to succeed with us – it takes dedication and commitment.

Read on to learn more…

“Why Partnering With Us Will Be
Your Most Profitable Decision Of The Year

At MyDebtRelease, we are committed to enhancing your financial situation in two different ways.

Not only does our company give people the opportunity to launch their own successful online business, we also educate them on how to get rid of their debts.

Maybe YOU are currently struggling with your debts. Worry not, because you will soon experience the joy of a debt free life…

Pretty soon, you will learn the ugly truth about the United States debt collection system and how you can leverage the law to your advantage.

For example, did you know that if a debt collector starts to use abusive language or calls you repetitively about collecting your debts, you can take legal action against them?

If you forbid the debt collector to call you, and notify them that you prefer to be contacted via the U.S. Mail system, by law – they have to comply. Debtors have rights. The problem is, many Americans are not aware of their rights.

And this has to change! Help us help them, and we will help you…

On the other hand, even if you don’t have any problem regarding debts, you’ll have to learn this education anyway since it is going to be easier to sell a product that you are familiar with!

As a side note, you will also be able to advise your relatives and friends on the subject.

Without a doubt, you’ll be their HERO. Imagine preventing someone from losing their home because of a foreclosure decision triggered by their debt collectors.

Don’t you think they’ll remember you for life? If you ask any of our current employees and sales reps, EVERYBODY will tell you the same thing:

“This is by far the most rewarding job I’ve been involved in.”

Given the current state of the economy, you and I both know that thousands of people are struggling with their debts. But you can do something for them! You can positively impact their lives.

And we’ll hand you cash each and every month for providing highly practical and effective legal help to a population that is YEARNING for it.

How hard do you think it would it be to sell water to someone experiencing a deep, painful and insatiable thirst?

“The MDR Affilate Marketing Bootcamp: Your Free Ticket
To A Totally Automated Six Figure Income…”

If you’ve never heard of a few terms we’re using here, don’t panic or feel frustrated. It’s going to occur quite a few times…

Have you ever heard of the “affiliate marketing” business model?

In short, affiliate marketing is a “revenue sharing” type business model, where our company does not pay for advertisement until the referrer (the “affiliate”) closes a sale.

For each sale that you bring us, you’ll receive 40% of the sale.

This can get VERY lucrative for you, very quickly. In fact, all of our products are recurring payments.

This means, once a customer chooses to buy one of our products, they get billed every month, and YOU get paid every month over and over again without having to score new sales!

“Sounds good, but how much can I expect to earn?” offers three types of membership at $49, $99 and $199.

Each membership has specific benefits to our customers (and you’ll learn more about that during your extensive training) and are targeted toward a specific segment of the market.

Monthly income you can expect to earn thanks to our company:

Daily Affiliate Sales Membership at $49/month
(40% commission to you)
Membership at $99/month
(40% commission to you)
Membership at $199/month
(40% commission to you)
1 You earn $588/month You earn $1,188/month You earn $2,388/month
2 You earn $1,176/month You earn $2,376/month You earn $4,776/month
3 You earn $1,764/month You earn $3,564/month You earn $7,164/month
More… Sky is the limit Sky is the limit Sky is the limit

Do you see the potential here? Let’s be minimalist and say you make only one measly sale per day at $49 per sale.

You would have $588 of extra cash to spend on whatever you want each and every month.

And keep this in mind: the customers you’ll bring to us pay for MORE than one month for our services. This means, you will get several commissions out of every customer you bring to us.

And – good news – you should also know that our top paying product (at $199/mo ) is also our BEST SELLING product! It’s because that product is the most effective solution for debtors and allows them to save tens of thousands of dollars in reduced debts.

In a way, you will get paid to give them REAL money (since they’ll settle more debt and save more money than what they will spend on our service).

This is why the market we’re in is SO lucrative and selling our products is so easy if you are equipped with the right skills and the right action plan (that we provide to you for free).

“How do you guarantee me that I will get the money I earned from my promotional efforts?”

Our membership products are sold via Clickbank – the internet’s most trusted affiliate solutions provider. Clickbank’s secure affiliate management software allows you to start selling our products with YOUR special affiliate link, (or Hoplink as it is called).

Thanks to this link, every customer that you refer to our products are tracked and attributed to your affiliate ID. Thus YOU get awarded with the commission for every sale. And Clickbank automatically takes the commission from each sale and puts it into YOUR account in real time. Then they pay out the commissions every 2 weeks.

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to jump on board right now, then all you need to do is to click here to go and create an affiliate account with Clickbank.

After signing up, you will have your Clickbank nickname. Use this to create your own affiliate hoplink as below:

Just replace YourNickname above, with your own Clickbank nickname.

“How to Start Earning Commissions Like
an Affiliate Rockstar
– The Building Blocks of Your Success…”

Only two CRITICAL success factors separate the rookie affiliate who earns $100/month from the master affiliate who regularly banks five figure checks each and every month.

Critical Affiliate Success Factor #1: What Motivates You?

The first one is about your inner drive, your motivation. Why do you want to make money online? What is your goal?

Let’s first start about your financial goals. What do you expect to earn from an internet business? $100/month? $500/month?

Our goal at is to bring EACH of our online sales reps to the level of $100/DAY. We’ve designed our training to be foolproof and take each of our affiliates to “a hundie a day from the net” reality.

Yes, you read that statement right – no typos! Think of ALL the things you can do with an additional $100/day in YOUR pocket.

You could pay your bills. You could grow your savings for retirement. Or you could simply offer you and your family luxuries that you were not able to afford before. Create a vivid picture of what $100/day means to YOU. This will keep you motivated.

Of course, you must feel highly skeptical about this claim, and we understand.

There are so many “online biz opps” out there that promise you riches but reveal to be scams.

But we can assure you that we are not con artists. The fact that you will NOT even need to invest a single dime before seeing your first dollar is undeniable proof of our affiliate program’s reliability.

Most online job opportunities that you’ll come across ask you to pay for their “internet marketing toolkit” or a membership fee before being able to earn money. These offers, 9 times out of 10, are scams.

However, with MyDebtRelease’s partnership offer, the only investment you’ll have to make in order to earn money is your time.

You NEED to have at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of free time each day in order to build your online business at a satisfying speed. The more time you invest into your new venture, the faster you earn.

Critical Affiliate Success Factor #2: Master the Affiliate System and Earn Forever!

The second critical success factor you need to keep in mind is having an affiliate marketing system, and knowing it’s mechanics inside out. In other words, you need some theory before delving deep into the fascinating online marketing world.

Well, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the system we use to teach our sales reps – “MDR Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp” – has proven to work for me and dozens of others…

Here’s how our affiliate marketing system works in a nutshell:

  1. Find a pocket of people who need debt elimination help;
  2. Figure out what they need;
  3. Hand the solution to them;

Even though this 3-step system looks easy on paper, you’ll quickly realize that making money online is far more complex than that, especially if you have no prior online marketing experience.

Since we know this for a fact, we have made EVERYTHING necessary within our “MDR Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp” to take you through comfortable “baby steps” that will let you progress comfortably.

Here are a few elements your exclusive affiliate training includes:

The proper mindset to attract success rapidly without wasting your resources on non-productive tasks. In order to make money online FAST, you need to focus on the most productive elements of this business and simply ignore what will delay your success – master affiliates are the ones who have incorporated this rule)
Killer insights about your target audience and who you’ll be selling our products to. In fact, our market reports are SO eye opening about our prospects’ needs and pains that you’ll feel you know them better than they know themselves. With these insights in hand, it is going to be a piece of cake to influence your prospects toward buying from your affiliate link).
Highly effective promotional techniques to make sales without a website of your own, and without even spending a dime on advertising. We will teach you secret weapons our affiliates use every day to bring us tons of sales – most of our methods do NOT require any financial investment from your part. Make sure you pay attention to our guidelines and you WILL succeed with our methods!

All that being said, take into consideration this friendly…

“Warning: This Limited Time Opportunity is NOT for Everyone!”

I want to respond quickly to a lot of common questions we’ve been receiving via e-mail.

A lot of people report to us that our work-from-home offer and income potential sound EXTREMELY appealing, but as in everything else, “there must be a catch”. Of course there is. Making six figures per year online is NOT going to be easy. It involves work. And we do NOT want to work with everyone.

In fact, if you:

are looking for a “get rich quick” formula or “easy money”
are NOT ready to work hard at the beginning to eventually earn money passively
are NOT truly motivated to help desperate people get their financial situation back on track

… then please don’t even keep reading and move on to the next shiny “online biz opp” offer.

However, if you are:

excited about the idea of making money from the internet, being your own boss and working from home
pleased that you will be involved in an ethical and personally rewarding job
ready to work HARD to learn new fantastic skills that will permit you to grow a SOLID online income on which you’ll be able to rely and live comfortably…

…then you’re very welcome to start your online (and free) affiliate marketing education.

And here’s why you HAVE to act right now: in order to save our current sales force performance and to be able to keep our affiliate marketing training at a high quality level, we need to set a limit on how many people we’ll accept as a sales rep every month.

You have to understand that you’ll be part of a very special community that is not only served with high quality salesmanship and online marketing education, but also receives rock solid email AND phone support!

But it would be impossible for us to properly train more people than what the company can handle on a monthly basis.

Do NOT delay your subscription or you’ll lose this opportunity… and will have to come back next month.

If you don’t want to lose your chance, and want to kickstart your affiliate marketing success right now, then all you have to do is to enter your email address into the application form below.

Yes! Let me join the monthly MDR Affiliate Bootcamp now:

Further instructions are given inside the “Welcome” email you’ll receive minutes after you subscribe.

Prepare to save up some time every day starting from today in order to get done the tasks we’ll ask you to accomplish.

Yes, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. I guess you can easily sacrifice your favorite TV show in return of recurring four figure payments, right?

After you graduate from our bootcamp, you’ll quickly realize how partnering with us is life changing…

“30 Days From Now – Imagine Your Results…”

Let’s pretend it’s been 15 days since you’ve completed our basic affiliate marketing training:

You now possess a solid understanding of what you need to do every day in order to bring in even more sales credited to your affiliate ID.

You still remember the day where you got your first sale. It’s already been two weeks! But you can still feel the intense feeling of joy and inner satisfaction of having accomplished something that seemed SO daunting at first:

“I’ve earned my first income online!”

This moment of the “first sale” is what any online marketer remembers for the rest of their life. In fact, it was not as hard as you expected.

When you asked a question, you received your answer in a matter of hours (48 hours at max!).

How convenient it is to be able to contact the company directly through the toll free number, or via the private -mail contact form contained within your affiliate marketing area!

And the ongoing affiliate marketing training (that you now know has been designed to teach you how to grow your business in the most time effective manner) keeps adding more to your knowledge, granting you with even more marketing power thus increasing your income potential.

Every day, you live the joy of seeing your online activities making money for you while you sleep, and the freedom of living free from debt and working at your own schedule… from your comfortable home!

Of course, it is still too soon to talk about a yearly six figure income but you know every single day takes you one step further toward your financial goal.”

Well, this cannot be YOUR reality until you commit to yourself to go through the entire “MDR Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp”, and take action on every step that needs to be accomplished!

Don’t delay success. Be proactive and take action now…

Yes! Let me join the monthly “MDR Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp” now!


Rachel M. (MyDebtRelease’s affiliate manager)

PS: remember that in order to make a meaningful amount of money by selling our products, you need to be open to learning new skills, make small daily sacrifices of your time (minimum 30 min/day) and be enthusiastic about helping real people with real problems!

If you start out with the right mindset, then your income potential will only be limited by your will.

You’ll earn as much as YOU want to earn.

PPS: only 50 members are accepted for enrollment each month. Since we’re heavily promoting this online income opportunity, we have no trouble filling the available seats for our monthly “MDR Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

Just make sure you won’t be disappointed if you miss the spot this month!