For over a decade, Peace of Mind has helped people solve their legal problems with confidence, minimal fuss and expense, and—whenever possible—without a lawyer.
We fill unmet needs in the legal market by adapting to the constant changes of the legal landscape. At POM, we are not committed to a single service or a specific business model. Instead, we study the legal market and tailor our approach in order to provide maximum value and optimal results.

POM is trusted by our clients for our commitment to understanding their unique needs and helping them with  individualized plans to meet their goals, while not breaking their wallets.  We start every client relationship with a consultation where we listen, and that’s it.  We hear what you need, what worries you, what confuses you, what you hope to accomplish.  From that, we determine the best options and solutions to recommend to each client.  We work with you to identify the right factors and resources that will help support your decision making.

POM believes accurate and current legal information should help you solve many of your legal problems on a cost-efficient basis. We help you achieve this by:

• Identification of the issue(s) based on the facts of each client’s situation

• Reading, understanding and extracting information that is most pertinent to the issue at hand

• Identifying your research problem according to recognized legal categories

• Locating resources which will give you an overview of the law that affects your particular issues<

• Finding and using law resources

• Finding, reading and understanding the law itself: statutes (laws passed by legislatures), regulations (rules issued by government agencies) and cases (decisions by courts)

• Using the tools found in all law libraries—Shepard’s Citations for Cases and case digests— which provide us with court opinions that pertain to your issues or objectives

• Organizing the results of our research into a legal memorandum

POM provide real-life examples which puts all the steps together and gives you a clear picture of how to solve a legal research problem.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality legal research services with a remedy in mind.  While our service is not to be considered legal or tax advice, we will provide you with ideas and solutions to empower you to make the decisions possible for your particular situation.