Peace of Mind transcends traditional financial service models to deliver a new caliber of solutions. We can help you reach your goals with personalized financial guidance.

People use money to satisfy a whole matrix of competing needs. When we get stuck, fall short, or chastise ourselves for making yet another financial mistake, it may be that we’re acting in a way that serves one need (such as avoiding a task we find emotionally overwhelming) but obstructs another (directing money in ways that make us feel safe and competent).

POM’s financial service process is solution-focused.  We put our attention on your goals and objectives and work towards meeting those. We don’t set time frames as we know each person’s goals are unique.

POM’s success is based on understanding the challenges of our clients and we will engage, educate, and empower you with options unknown to most Americans. After a thorough needs assessment, we build, advise, and support you in creating a financial wellness plan that delivers measurable outcomes.

We will take a specific problem, decision, or goal that you’re currently facing, and dissect how your approach both serves and limits you. We’ll provide you with healthy new behaviors as we address the core of your financial challenge.

Our systems-based approach includes a multi-step process:

1.POM’s team will dive into an in-depth review of your finances and give you straightforward steps for how to improve your financial health.

2. We then provide a proposed solution which includes a work plan, timeline, and deliverables by creating customized and fluid wealth strategies for every element of your financial life with ongoing guidance as life changes.

3. We know that life continues to change, and with that comes ongoing financial change.  POM will periodically review your situation and keep you informed of your progress, offer new recommendations, and help you stay on track as plans and objectives in your situation changes.

Finally, we manage your project and deliver the results you expect. Our goal is to do more than just complete a project on time and within budget. We intend to leave you better than when we arrived. We can also help you create an enduring legacy that passes on your values as well as your assets.

POM allows you to access expert advice. Whether you have questions as you check off your to-dos or simply want someone to help keep you accountable, POM’s team is here for you. Not sure what to do about your tax situation? Email or message us anytime!

POM’s advice and recommendation are unbiased, and we hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard of care—to act solely in your best interest while helping you achieve your goals by offering personalized financial service and adding value to your life.