What You Know

Wake Up to the Truth and Tap Into Your Unknown Universe

There are essentially 3 boxes of knowledge:

  1. What you know
  2. What you know you don’t know
  3. What you don’t know you don’t know

See how much you can grow and benefit with the 2nd and 3rd larger boxes of knowledge?

When you grasp the full significance of the untapped knowledge in box 3, you begin to be RE-educated about the things you thought you knew and see things in a different way – things that can help in your life now and into the future.  Once you see that, you can step outside the mental box that limits your reality. Once you can do that, you are free.  You’ll be free in a way that no one can take from you, because you will never be the same again!

This same false paradigm is used in many areas of life including law, what we eat, health, finance, government, taxes. The list goes on and on.  These illusions are there to confuse and thereby CONTROL YOU.  And, like most deceptions, the truth is hidden in plain sight.  It WAS THERE all along.  You just didn’t know to LOOK for it and so you didn’t SEE it. 

It may take many years to UNlearn all that you have been taught.  When you finally understand that your level of knowledge can expand more than what you know now and how it actually works, many confusing and frustrating things will finally make perfect sense.  At that point, you can avoid a lot of problems and will no longer be frustrated by many things, because it will all make sense.

If you’ve had a feeling that there is “something wrong”… well, you’re right. There are many things wrong with what you have been taught.  The reason things often don’t seem to add up is because there is a disconnect between what you are told and what you observe.  The knowledge that you have been given is DESIGNED to CREATE that disconnect to make sure people become confused or discouraged or just apathetic to their circumstances.

In order to ask the right questions, you have to FIRST understand the actual situation, what you ACTUALLY KNOW, and maybe even more importantly, what you don’t KNOW but have assumed.  A perspective change is the key to seeing what you’re missing. You need a starting point, and that is square 2.

Let us help you open your eyes and mind to the information and knowledge that can allow you to see things for how they really are. Get rid of those questioning feelings of doubt and free yourself from the burdens of what you’ve been taught.