Peace of Mind is a private consumer advocacy group that provides financial solutions including financial consulting and research, debt solutions, asset protection and real estate investments. We are not affiliated with any specific government agency, corporation or bank.

We find the right solutions for our clients by listening to and understanding their exact needs and circumstances. People can benefit from our services whether their finances are healthy or are in trouble.

Without the knowledge and experience of the market, it can take an exorbitant amount of time to find the right solution. Peace of Mind aims to give our customers a greater understanding of all the options available to them, including some that other professionals are not aware of.

Once our client understands all of their options and makes the most informed decision pertinent to their situation, Peace of Mind can develop customized solutions to achieve their goals.

We know that the decisions you make in your financial life are far more important than the actual circumstances that you may be in. Peace of Mind has developed a methodology for helping clients plan, problem solve, and think about the issues and consequences with a solution-centered approach, thus producing more significant results.

We understand that things change.  Your life has specific needs that must be addressed to maintain the overall plan, goals and financial needs. We monitor and revisit your progress in order to keep your strategy on track.

Our objective is to help our clients achieve results immediately as well as over the long run.

Most importantly, we provide Peace of Mind to our clients.