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Are you upside down in your mortgage and cannot refinance your home, sell your home, or are you thinking of walking away from your home or investment property?

Has your home been wrongfully foreclosed?

We have solutions to avoid foreclosure and regain the lost equity in your home. Whether you are current or not, we can assist you with regaining what most every home owner lost during the housing bust.

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Peace of Mind is exclusively dedicated to assisting homeowners in their struggle against lenders. We have a variety of solutions not only for homeowners in distress but also for those who are upside down in "bad" loans due to lender liability. Homeowners can be a plaintiff as an individual filing a lawsuit against a lender.

Some possible outcomes for homeowners using the law and legal strategies to help themselves rise about the stress of foreclosure:

  • Principal reduction at/or below current market value

  • Up to 80% reduction in payment dependent upon current market value and interest rate

  • Interest rate reduction

  • Conversion of adjustable payment to fixed payment

  • Monetary (Cash) Damages

  • Clean credit report of mortgage late payments

  • Foreclosure / Eviction Delay Defense (If appropriate/necessary)

Peace of Mind, through MyDebtRelease.com (MDR) has already helped save hundreds of homes from Foreclosure all around the USA. Call us today for a free consultation with an expert at saving homes. You have nothing to lose and your home to gain.

Are you thinking about just walking away?

If you are facing foreclosure right now, you’re not alone. There is a solution and you have come to the right place. Don’t let the banks cause you further financial harm down the road by putting a “foreclosure” on your record on top of everything else you have gone through.

Are you still waiting on that Loan Mod approval?

We constantly see people who have been doing a trial payment for 6+ months, just to find out they “are not approved” and a sale date is issued. If this is you, call immediately and we will review the numbers you submitted to the bank for FREE.

Do you need more time to “get back on your feet”?

We can help you get that time. Our Program will buy you up to 2 years or longer.

Has your Short Sale fallen through?

That is a big one. You need an immediate solution. Let us hold off the bank so you can shift gears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for foreclosure delay or foreclosure defense?

We can help you if you've received 1 of the following:

  • Auction sale scheduled for your property
  • Notice of Sale
  • Notice of Trustee Sale

We can help you even if:

  • Your sale date is within a couple of days
  • You are far behind on your payments
  • You have an investment property
  • You have declared bankruptcy in the past
  • Your property value is well below the amount you owe
  • You have been turned down for a loan modification or short sale
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Why does this strategy/law work?

The national mortgage delinquency rate is at an all time high. The real estate crash and credit crisis have created a perfect storm battering millions of home owners. Families, just like yours, are struggling to pay their mortgages, often times for reasons beyond their control.

Many families face foreclosure because their income is down and yet their mortgage remains high. Not only is their credit being destroyed, but they also stand to lose the equity they have worked so hard to build.

Fortunately, our expertly crafted programs are specifically designed to help homeowners in need. We offer assistance through several personalized programs through proven non-litigation and litigation methods. We may help you avoid foreclosure on your home and while eliminating negative equity. Allow us to give back to you what you worked hard for—the dream home for you and your family. If you owe more than what your home is worth and you're seeking negative equity help, we encourage you to seek advice from one of our Solution Specialists so we may present to you a better option.

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Can you guarantee that you'll delay my foreclosure?

No, but our success rate is very high. Our experts and team come from various legal backgrounds. And remember, if we don't delay, you don't pay.

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Do you operate throughout the U.S.?

Yes, we're in all 50 states.

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How is this different from working with a law firm?

Lower prices and pay-for-performance. With law firms, you'll typically spend thousands on a retainer and/or billable hours with no guarantee of success (see testimonials). With Peace of Mind you pay a flat monthly rate and you only pay if we succeed in delaying your foreclosure. This makes us highly motivated to delay your sale quickly — rather than just bill a bunch of hours.

Better track record. Most law firms that handle foreclosures cover many other issues, limiting their expertise. At Peace of Mind, foreclosures are all we do, giving us a degree of knowledge and success rate that few can match.

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How do I know you're trustworthy?

Experienced Team

Peace of Mind is partnered with a team of professionals, attorneys, and other foreclosure defense experts offering homeowners in desperate need of a coordinated, decisive, and effective strategy to postpone the foreclosure process for 12-24 months even longer. We provide and restore hope for families who have not been able to obtain foreclosure assistance or alternatives from their lenders. High Success Rate

Performance-Based Pricing

You don't pay if you can't stay!

Our Customers

Don't take our word for it. Take the words of our previous & existing clients

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I'm in a hurry because my sale date is this week. How fast can you save me from foreclosure?

Our representatives work around the clock to relieve your stress and save you from foreclosure. The earliest we have delayed foreclosure for a 30 day period is the same day that we received the case.

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There is a private bank and a law firm involved in my foreclosure. Do you work with the bank or the law firm?

Our proven foreclosure delay strategies provide homeowners or investors (owner or non-owner occupied properties) with an effective solution using federal, state, and local laws to stop sale dates without having to file for bankruptcy or short sale your property.

Our proven system can help you beat the banks and keep your home.

Our Program will tie your lender and trustee up in administrative red tape that will keep you in your home for up to 1-2 years or longer.

Trustee Companies or 3rd Party Law Firms can be held liable for improperly foreclosing upon a home, creating substantial liability for these companies. Our firm, using various Federal and State Foreclosure Laws, contacts the trustee and DEMANDS they verify a comprehensive list of issues related to the legal nature of the foreclosure proceedings.

This process is also called a "Challenge" or "Verification". The Trustees do not want to be held liable for a potential wrongful foreclosure. Trustees will delay a foreclosure sale on a property if there are violations identified prior to the foreclosure auction date.

Based on the extensive volume of existing foreclosure sales along with internal red tape this process can continually result in the postponement of your sale dates for many months or even years.

Peace of Mind has built a team of professionals who provide solutions in the real estate and mortgage industry. We can provide you with various options and solutions that can help you save your home from a Foreclosure/Trustee Sale.

In addition our team will fully evaluate your loan and foreclosure history to ensure we employ the most appropriate foreclosure postponement strategy and maximize the amount of time you are able to stay in your home. No two foreclosures are alike and for this reason we approach each situation uniquely and with a customized approach / strategy.

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How quickly can you stop it and how long can you delay it for?

The more time you give us the better. But we've achieved delays in less than a day. We get started on your delay immediately. No games, no back-and-forth. You've had enough of that already.

Often, we can delay it for one – two years or longer. One month at a time.

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How can I get more help?

We offer a free consultation with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. It does not matter if you are behind on payments, struggling, and facing a short sale, home has already been foreclosed on, or you are current and need some options. We can assist you.

Call us now at 866 4 Way Out or 866 492 9688.

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Some Of The Many We Have Helped:

  • Paul T. Portland, OR

    “Your team is incredible, you help stop the foreclosure on my house and even help me release my mortgage. I am forever grateful! Thanks.” 

  • Sandra P. Sparks, NV

    “Thank you, I really really believe in your company… it's been a hard month with Ray's surgery he almost died and it's just been really a hard year for me with my mom having cancer and a few debts… sometimes I feel like omg is this my life… so thank you for understanding all of this…. I'm trying to get on top of everything it has gotten on top of me unfortunately…. thanks again for saving my house and RELEASING ALL OF MY DEBTS!”

  • Mark S. St. Petersburg, FL

    “I am so thankful you helped me with those fraudster banks. I can't believe you were able to help me stop the foreclosure on my house AND release the mortgage on my house on #657. I can't wait to release the mortgages on the other 3 houses I own. Awesome!”  

  • David and Estelle P. Oxen Hill, MD

    It is so nice to be able to get $1,200 in cash flow each month from my rental! Over a year ago, I was going to give the house away thru a short sale or foreclosure and now I am debt free with a house that has no mortgage! Incredible what a year makes and more incredible is your knowledge, support and education! Thank you dearly.

  • Greg and Tina W. Fairfax, VA

    Thanks for making Tina and I believers! Wow! We stopped the sale of our house with one of your processes. Now they have to validate the debt like you told us. I am so glad I had the faith in your program. It was really scary to make the decision and I am so glad we are IN! THE DEBTS WILL BE HISTORY AND I LOOK TO DO CHARITY WORK WITH ALL MY FREE TIME! This is a dream come true!

CBS 60 Minutes Foreclosure Story

Learn The Truth To Set You Free!

Fight Foreclosure

Ask the bank to Produce the Note!

Award Winning Documentary - Inside Job

How the mortgage crisis occurred

Bank Theft and Fraud

How can you tell if you are a victim of the bank's scheme to steal your home?

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin on your browser. You can just download this document here.

Five National Banks Sued by State Attorney General in Connection with Illegal Foreclosures and Loan Servicing

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin on your browser. You can just download this document here.

AG Complaint against National Banks

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin on your browser. You can just download this document here.

Turned Down for a Loan Mod? Here's What to Do Next

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin on your browser. You can just download this document here.

Homeowner wins over $2M lawsuit

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Turn the tables on the alleged lender/servicer and get leverage by being a plaintiff

Before 2000, buying a home was a fairly simple, straight-forward arrangement. A potential borrower would find a home they wished to buy and a lender willing to loan them money. The lender would appraise the property, assess the borrower's credit worthiness and lend the money, secured by the property. The borrower would pay the loan and get clear title or the secured property would be foreclosed upon if payment could not be made. A simple, straight-forward arrangement.

  • Beginning in the early 2000's, the arrangement became more complicated with the introduction of Mortgage Backed Securities. Lenders found a way to significantly increase profits, but did so in a way that was unstable, unsafe and ultimately destructive. Their actions are widely seen as the cause of the downturn in the economy, creating the need for a taxpayer bailout, and fueling a foreclosure crises that shows no signs of slowing down.

  • A federally chartered bank would extend a loan on a residential home evidenced by a note and secured by a trust deed or mortgage. The bank would then immediately turn to Wall Street investors, organized by investment banks as Bear Sterns, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers or Morgan Stanley, to purchase the income stream from the loan. The bond evidencing this income stream was typically called a Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO).

  • The CDO investors, in turn, would typically transfer the risk of homeowners defaulting on their mortgages to other investors via a credit derivative, typically called a Credit Default Swap, which acted like insurance on the CDO.

  • Meanwhile the investor hired a loan servicing company to interface with the homeowner/borrower. That loan servicing company is paid based on services they provide: a little for collecting and passing on payments, a little more for harassing homeowners who have missed a payment, BUT a lot for conducting a foreclosure.

  • They are paid little for doing a loan modification, and often don't have authority to modify the loan terms even if they wanted to do so. Loan services are economically incentivized to foreclose. The principle party in economic interest, the contract party on the Credit Default Swap, is powerless to push the loan servicer to modify the loan or work out an arrangement by which a family can stay in their home.

Litigation Details:

  • Represent Clients From all 50 States

  • Include all major banks such as: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi Mortgage, GMAC, HSBC, Seterus, One West Bank, Ocwen, Nationwide, and Many More Smaller Servicing Companies

  • Includes Foreclosure Defense and Eviction Delay

  • Allow for MOST homeowners with NON-Traditional loans to join

Homeowner can file lawsuits as plaintiff in State or Federal Court. Causes of action can include:

Securitization of the mortgage note
Negligent and/or Predatory Lending
Breach of Contract
Truth In Lending Act (TILA) violations
Bad Faith in Dealing
Violations of the Business and Professions Code(s)
Fraudulent Concealment
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) violations
Wrongful / Illegal Foreclosure
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) violations
Cancellation of Void Contracts

A thorough review of your loan documents and/or factual inquiry is usually necessary to determine if a case exists.

Am I a good candidate for the litigation process?

If your mortgage situation fits any of the following then you may be a potential litigant:

Interest only product
High interest rate
Option ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) loan
Pick a payment or negative amortization
Has penalty for prepayment
Has balloon payments
An 80/20 loan
Loan based on stated income
Subprime qualified loan
Income or the value of the property was inflated to obtain the loan
Denial of loan modification or termination from the existing trial program
You had an aggressive broker who charged excessive fees
Wrongful foreclosure
Other lender malfeasance not stated

With our program, we have options to assist saving your home from foreclosure and eliminate your negative equity. How? Peace of Mind can help homeowners file a lawsuit against your lender and upon successful settlement reduces your loan balance, reduces your interest rate, and lowers your mortgage payment to a long-term, sustainable payment.

In many cases, foreclosure paperwork is handled by foreclosure mills staffed by “Vice Presidents” that are often referred to as “Subway Kids.”

Peace of Mind has been fighting fraudulent foreclosure for more than a decade and what we find every day is becoming more and more shocking. We find lender fraud in about 84% of the audits we perform.

  • Homes being foreclosed on that have never even had a mortgage on them. If you don't have enough money to fight them in court you lose your home.

  • Banks refusing to accept a payment because the loan was sold to another bank. Then the new bank refusing to accept payment because they do not have the paper work yet. This continues for 90 days and then foreclose is started, even though the home owner was NEVER late before on their loan payments.

  • Fraudulent documents generated to foreclose on a home. If you don't have enough money to fight them in court you lose your home.

  • Banks are fully paid off for a mortgage one or more times and still foreclosing on the home owner. Typically an insurance company paid the mortgage off even though the home owner never knew insurance was taken out.

Our team at Peace of Mind are wise to all of the fraudulent techniques currently being used by the banks. We are able to generate the third party evidence which shows the court what has really happened with your mortgage. Our audits point out what laws have been broken and what fraud has been committed.

Our government continues to bring the banks into the legal system and imposes billions and billions of dollars in fines against the banks. Unfortunately, little of this money trickles to the homeowners – it is kept by the government.

The banks are now able to sell off huge blocks of foreclosed homes to domestic and foreign corporations. The homes are then rented out. Some home owners end up renting back their own home.

We believe the Homeowner comes first!

The Foreclosure Process

Judicial States

Answer or Respond to Complaint within 20 days

If you are delinquent in mortgage loan payments to the lender, have been served with a notice of foreclosure letter or have received a mortgage foreclosure complaint, you have a very short time to respond. Any delay may make the situation worse, and if a borrower or homeowner fails to do anything at all, the situation may become a worst case scenario. Your decision to participate now may preserve, protect and safeguard valuable legal rights.

How long can I stay in my home?

If you do not fight your foreclosure by filing the appropriate documents supporting specific legal defenses, you may be out of your home within a month or so. If you fight your foreclosure and raise the appropriate defenses, you could possibly stay in your home for years! Although it is rare, it is possible that you could find yourself in a home the bank hands over free and clear! Our foreclosure professionals excel at finding the bank's mistakes through sophisticated discovery techniques.

Non-Judicial States

Notice of Default
Start of foreclosure process. Initial notice recorded after borrower fails to meet the terms of their loan.
CC 2924c.(a)(1)

Notice of Trustee Sale
Sets auction date. Can be recorded 3 months after Notice of Default.
CC 2924 c. (b)(1)

Initial auction date can be just 20 days after Notice of Trustees Sale is recorded.
CC 2924 f. (b)(1)

Auctions can be postponed for up to one year.
CC 2924 g. (c)(1)

Postponed/Sold to Bank/Sold to 3rd Party/Cancelled
More information on Postponement Reasons

Trustee’s Deed
Transfers property to winning bidder. By default this will be the lender if no bid higher than the lender’s opening bid is received.
CC 2924 h. (c)


Properties are considered to be in Pre-foreclosure from the filing of the initial Notice of Default until the property is sold at auction. During this period investors can purchase the home directly from the owner, realtors can list the home, and lenders can help them refinance.


Auction properties have had a Notice of Trustee Sale filed setting an auction date, and have not yet been sold or cancelled. Investors can purchase the home at auction; and realtors® and lenders can monitor their client’s properties, to ensure their listing and loan activities are completed before the auction.

Bank Owned

Bank owned properties received no bid at auction, resulting in the bank taking ownership. These properties are commonly referred to by the banks as REOs (Real Estate Owned). Investors can purchase these properties directly from the bank and realtors® can solicit the listing, since banks will almost certainly market the property for sale.

About Us

We Specialize In:

  • Stopping foreclosure proceedings immediately.
  • Reducing interest rates.
  • Lowering payments.
  • No Bankruptcy needed!

Peace of Mind gives you the opportunity to stop foreclosure, regardless of your current situation. Our company has phenomenal expertise and can assist you in many different ways to resolve your foreclosure situation. We know how difficult it can be when you are faced with financial hardships, unable to pay your bills and mortgage. It's easy to be consumed by feelings of hopelessness. Our counselors have helped hundreds of people facing foreclosure. We know the foreclosure laws in all fifty states and how they can affect your current situation.

What You Should Know About Our Company
Peace of Mind is a consumer advocacy outreach company, specifically designed to assist America’s struggling homeowners. We provide easy access to available services and programs designed to help families save their homes. We are a company that provides nationwide service to customers facing a possible foreclosure. Honesty is truly our policy. We are not here to buy your house, and we will never take the title to your property! We believe in the traditional values that made America great. We believe that hard working American families should not have to pay the price for the greed and corruption of businesses, which created the current mortgage crisis.

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