We can help you get rid of the debt collector

Are you being pursued by a business, bank or credit card company for the collection of a debt? If so, you need to know that state and federal laws have been designed to protect your rights.

You also need to contact an experienced legal team who knows how to use those laws to serve you. That’s where we can come in and be of service to you.

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Protect Your Credit, Protect Your Rights

Credit cards, home, boat, car and motorcycle loans and nearly anything else that provides creditors with a steady income stream can be “securitized,” or made into a Wall Street entity / security.

These securities are then divided into shares and sold to large pension funds and other investors. This process can get really complex and in the hurry to make a profit, these companies often fail to complete or track the paperwork that is needed to make sure the debt is legally transferred from one entity to another.

For instance, you may have reached a credit agreement with one entity, and now an entirely different entity is trying to collect on your debt.

That company may not have the documents it needs to prove it has the right to collect on your debt and that means you may have a very powerful defense.

Relief for Wronged Debtors

If your rights have been violated by a credit card company, lender or debt collector, you may be entitled to relief through state and federal consumer protection laws. We can assist you involving:

  • Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA): This act prevents “abusive” practices by debt collectors and allows consumers to collect actual and statutory damages.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) & Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA): These laws regulate credit reporting agencies and the companies who report information to them, and they provide debtors with multiple ways to defend themselves in collection actions as well as to protect their identity, privacy, credit score and credit report.
  • Consumer Collection Practices Act (CCPA): This act provides ways for consumers to collect actual and statutory damages from unscrupulous actions of anyone trying to collect on a debt.
  • Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (DUTPA): This law protects you against unfair business practices or competitive methods and gives you a private right to sue anyone who violates the law.

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We can help you get out of debt completely

Peace of Mind, LLC also provides extensive debt solutions including education, debt management plans, debt reduction and elimination, and credit repair. If you are overburdened with debt you actually owe, we can still help you avoid bankruptcy and get back on the path to financial security.

Unique Strategies

We eliminate debt based on well researched methods, based on laws and statutes that are working right now. We don’t just consolidate it into one loan so you can pay one bill each month. And we don’t argue down the interest rate you pay on your existing debts.

Instead of those, we work within the law to legally release you from your debt so you don’t owe a single penny anymore to your creditors from that day forward. In fact, sometimes they even owe you.

Highly Cost-Effective

We’ve designed effective debt elimination solutions and strived to make our options as affordable as possible because we understand that you want to get out of debt, not get into more. Also because we believe everyone deserves the chance to be debt free.

You’ll be able to work smarter, not harder. With our comprehensive set of tools and experience – we are able to teach anyone, no matter what the current financial situation is – how take the shortest path to financial independence.

Customized For You

We have a variety of affordable options for ways we can help you. For our heavy indebted clients, we offer personalized services and professional help. For those with smaller debt loads, we offer access to many of the same files we use ourselves, along with training to use those files so you can do it all by yourself.

Not everyone has the same situation. So we take a close look at your debt problems and choose the best debt elimination program appropriate to your situation.

While we don’t claim to know everything or have all resources out in the marketplace, we do continuous and extensive research to implement strategies that are working in today’s debt release landscape.

Whether it’s credit card, mortgage, car, or student loan, your financial life will be reorganized accordingly through our programs. We will stick with you until all your debts are effectively cleared, and you will get the chance to save significant part of your hard earned money.

To take advantage of our services, give us a call today at 866-4-WAY-OUT or schedule a free consultation.